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Cake with whipped cream

Cake with whipped cream

The yolks rubbed with a pinch of salt, and sugar until a whitish cream results, add water, the egg whites foam hard then flour mixed with baking powder and sifted;

mix everything with a spoon with vertical movements;

turn it over in the shape of a cake with baking paper and leave it until golden, but we also do the toothpick test;

after it has cooled, cut it in half horizontally and leave it aside.

We make a syrup from 150ml of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar and the violet syrup, we syrup the tops, we put the whipped cream prepared according to the instructions, we sprinkle raspberries over the whipped cream, we cover the cake with whipped cream and we decorate with the remaining fruits;

I used the last raspberry leftover from the freezer;

leave the cake in the fridge until ready to serve.