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16 Christmas Gifts for Wine and Beer Drinkers

16 Christmas Gifts for Wine and Beer Drinkers

Give them what they really want with advice from the experts

Check the 'drinkers' off your list with these great gifts.

You made your list, and you checked it twice. But no matter how much you rack your brain, sometimes finding the perfect gift just doesn’t come as naturally as you’d like it to. You want to grab not only something that they want, but something that they need — something that they can use to start the new year off on the right foot. In order to find that perfect gift you don’t need a Christmas miracle, you just need The Daily Meal and our panel of experts.

To help you tackle your epic Christmas list this year, we sought the help of some of the top editors and planners in the entertaining world who know a thing or two about choosing the best gifts. With no personal product agenda, we asked them to help us decide which gifts are the "must-haves" this season. We asked them to nominate what they believe are the absolute best gifts for each of seven types of "food lovers" (the host, the beer/wine drinker, the coffee/tea drinker, the cook, the baker, the wannabe food critic, and the traveler).

After choosing an excellent variety of gift selections, we decided to present the top gifts from each category in seven gift guides to help make your holiday shopping trips slightly less frantic.

Today, we tackle the beer and wine enthusiast. For this person, it isn’t just a vintage malt here or an aged wine there; it is a consuming hobby and they need more than just an empty refrigerator to store their collection! Our panelists covered a variety of beverage-specialist concerns with their gift suggestions, from signature wine glasses to whiskey stones. To really wow someone who makes the holiday season merry and bright, make sure you get them something (or everything, if you are super generous) from our professionally picked list!

For more holiday cheer, visit The Daily Meal’s Ultimate Guide to Christmas!

The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

They deserve something more creative than your standard six-pack.

Wine may get all the hype for sophisticated drinking, but despite its more relaxed reputation, beer is no slouch, and when it comes to buying the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, you shouldn't be either. To make it all easier, we've scoured the internet for the very best, most useful, and most sophisticated gifts for every kind for brew fan.

Picnicking, fishing, or tailgating, this beer caddy makes it easy to bring along your favorite craft beer. The removable bottle separator keeps everything safe and the attached bottle opening means you'll never have to turn back for a forgotten opening again.

Think of this shower caddy as the brew lovers version of sipping wine in the tub.

One of these mountable, personalized bottle openers not only dresses up your home bar, but also keeps it neater thanks to a built in cap catcher.

You can never go wrong with a classic, be it a properly poured Guinness or one of their vintage advertisements.

Complete with everything he needs to keep his home brew and serve it up on tap, this handy indoor-outdoor dispenser chills and also monitors both temperature and how much brew is left so he's never left high and dry.

This isn't your standard cooking with beer cookbook&mdashinstead it offers chef-worthy flavors which pair perfectly with (and often use) beer because wine shouldn't get all of the food pairing glory. Bonus: The book comes with a capper which can help with both opening and resealing your favorite bottles.

Blended with beer ingredients like barley and hops for a Chocolate Stout and a Black IPA inspired flavor, this coffee helps you mix your two favorite brews.

Keep Beer Fresh

Growlers are jugs largely used to transport beer from local breweries to homes, but the problem with most is that beer gets stale fast once opened. Oxygen is the villain. The pesky element ruins flavor when it hits your giftee's favorite hop-soaked liquid, giving it the taste of wet cardboard if it's resealed after the first pint. That's why the uKeg (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is so great. Thanks to the built-in tap and a tiny CO2 regulator that runs off portable canisters, your loved one can get a taproom-quality pour from the first sip to the last.

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Most costumes now-a-days require you to cover your face with a mask or some sort of apparatus. This is not only bad for breathing, but it also is hard to drink booze. Which is really what Halloween is all about. Wha

We feature products that have a focus on being out-of-the-ordinary, having amazing product design, or just being really odd or unusual.

26 Alcohol Gifts for the Loved One Who Loves Their Booze

If you&rsquore shopping for someone who has a fully stocked bar that rivals the nearest pub, then you may need to go beyond the traditional bottle.

A bottle of booze always makes for a great last-minute gift (provided the person you&rsquore giving it to actually enjoys alcohol). After all, you can always find a bottle within your budget and you know it will get put to good use. But if you&rsquore shopping for someone who has a fully stocked bar that rivals the nearest pub, then you may need to go beyond the bottle of wine or six-pack of brewskis. From accessories for their drinks to accessories featuring their drinks, there are a number of alcohol gifts that any enthusiast will appreciate.

And just like a top-shelf bottle, beer and wine gifts fall within a variety of price ranges and uses. From booze-infused salt, to edible cocktail straws, to customized glasses, there are truly so many alcohol gifts to choose from. You may even have a hard time picking just one. (Not that you have to, of course.)

Perfect for those who want to take their French cooking to the next level, this unique sea salt has been cold smoked with Chardonnay oak wine barrels, adding a new level of flavor to meals.

Know someone who loves tequila as much as they love the color pink? Gifting them the Código 1530 Rosa Tequila that combines both. Aged in fine Cabernet barrels and without chemicals, flavoring, or sugar, this is sure to be a gift that they&rsquoll never forget.

If you have a friend that can&rsquot live without scotch and makes it a point to let everyone know it, these cozy, comfy, and not-so-subtle socks will be the perfect gift for them. Made of a cotton-wool blend, they&rsquore sure to keep the wearer warm even in the coldest months.

Touted as the &ldquoworld&rsquos first true luxury vodka,&rdquo Absolut Elyx is the upgraded version of the highly-celebrated Sweden brand, Absolut Vodka. Perfectly crafted to sip by itself or mixed into a cocktail, this silky smooth vodka will be a staple in any booze lover&rsquos bar.

This luxurious liqueur from Chambord is guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving. Made with super premium black and red raspberries, XO cognac, Madagascan vanilla, this French heritage liqueur will quickly become the at-home bar preference for all of your friends.

Whether your booze lover is looking for drink inspiration or they just like to stay knowledgeable on the different drinks out there, this book will come in handy. Featuring the drinks of choice for 100 famous authors, poets, and playwrights, there&rsquos guaranteed to be a soon-to-be favorite drink for you within these pages. And, there are even cures for hangovers in there, too.

Give your loved one&rsquos home a deliciously unforgettable smell with Demeter Fragrance&rsquos white sangria diffuser oil. There&rsquos also a cosmopolitan cocktail, frozen margarita, gin & tonic, lavender martini, and more for them to enjoy if white sangria isn&rsquot the smell that they prefer. And they even come in fragrances, too.

Gift the drink connoisseur in your life something sweet with this limited edition Ciroc. Encased in a gold-like bottle, this vodka is a flavorful blend of French grapes, notes of crisp citrus, and hints of tropical fruit that are sure to make the holidays a bit more joyous this year.

Launched in 2020, this is bourbon whiskey has 46% ABV and combines two straight bourbons distilled in Indiana. Enjoyable for both the casual drinker who likes theirs on the rocks and those enthusiasts who sip their liquor served neat, this 92 proof choice of affordable bourbon will land you in the category of best gift giver.

Liquor doesn&rsquot taste quite right if it&rsquos not out of the right glass. That&rsquos why giving whiskey lovers personalized frosted glasses will mean so much.

The first entirely Black-owned rosé wine out of St. Tropez, France, La Fête du Rosé is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. Composed of fried fruits, bonbon, hazelnut, and more, this is the wine you&rsquoll want to give (and be gifted) year after year.

Featuring a bottle of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, the classic bottles of wine come dressed up in ugly Christmas sweaters and hats, and are also paired with shortbread cookies, a fruitcake, and chocolate truffles. Yum.

Have a friend who loves Snoop Dogg or &mdash even more &mdash love gin? iNDOGGO gin will be the perfect addition to their home bar. Made with seven premium botanicals infused with all-natural ingredients, this gin is sugar free with a deliciously fruity finish.

Equipped with a distinctly smooth finish, this tequila &mdash which is partly brought to you by Nick Jonas &mdash is the one any of your friends would love. Available in Silver, Reposado, and Añejo, the brand has something for everyone&rsquos taste buds as well as everyone&rsquos budgets.

An ideal gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, this elf pants gift set from Harry & David is sure to be a conversation starter. Featuring a bottle of both Red blend and Pinot Gris wine as well as chocolate truffles all carried in a felt fabric elf pants tote, this is the gift that will surely spread true holiday cheer.

Give the gift of fresh wine well after its opening with this hilarious, yet functionally novelty gag gift.

Have a friend who loves to show off their liquor collection? This crystal glass decanter &mdash which comes with two old fashioned crystal glasses &mdash will help them do so in a unique way.

An awesome gift idea for both the existing whiskey fan and those who are just being introduced, this double cask, 12 year aged bottle from Macallan is a true splurge-worthy gift this holiday season.

If you haven&rsquot been gifting your friends with Mezcal yet, now is your chance. Made with a 90-proof, this Mezcal is refined, smooth, and dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

All natural and edible, these rice drinking straws from EQUO are an ideal gift for those who like to sip their drink slow. The straws hold up in your drinks for three to four hours. And once you&rsquore done, you can cook them down for a rice-based dish.

Timeless and iconic, the Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries will be a great addition to any home bar. All-natural with no color added, the candied cherries can be enjoyed as a topper for cocktails or on their own as a tasty treat.

If the booze lover in your life also loves playing host, then this personalized cocktail shaker will be perfect. You can customize the jar with their favorite cocktail recipe, or a newly invented signature drink.

If spooky season lasts past the month of October in your friend&rsquos home, then Crystal Head Vodka is the gift for them. Filled with neutral grain aromas and touches of citrus and vanilla, this silky smooth vodka comes in a reusable skull head, making it perfect for the friend who likes all things spooky.

Add a bit of sparkle to their bar with this crisp and refreshing sparkling wine. Featuring aromas of fresh citrus, honey, white flowers, and flavors of ripe lemon, green apple, and grapefruit, this price-friendly bubbly is one your loved one can enjoy on its own or mixed into a cocktail.

A unique gift for gin lovers, this kit will let them develop their own flavor in under two days. The kit, which doesn&rsquot include alcohol, includes enough materials to make three small bottles of small-batch gin at home.

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The Beer & Spirits Lover’s Gift Guide

There’s only so many times you can get them the same old, same old. Surprise and delight the beer and spirits lovers on your list this year with a variation on their favorite theme.

Insta Hot Toddy Kit

Because everyone needs a warm pick-me-up this time of year. Kit contains a glass mug engraved in-house at Bottles, 50ml each of Bulleit and Maker’s Mark bourbons, local & raw Aquidneck Honey Straws, a bag of Bigelow’s English Teatime, and a chocolate-dipped pretzel, because who doesn’t like a chocolate-dipped pretzel. Shop in-store or call to have one set-aside for pick-up or delivery statewide. $19.99

A hearty beer with sweet ‘n savory fixins: contains a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, a beer mug engraved in-house at Bottles, a chocolate-dipped oreo and locally-made Sweet Twist trail mix. Shop in-store or call to have one set-aside for pick-up or delivery statewide. $19.99

Engraved Bottle of Bourbon (or Scotch, or Rye, or Gin…you get the drift)

Give us your message and we’ll engrave it onto their favorite bottle. Say something sweet or something salty (we don’t judge) for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Ask a team member for details or visit LINK Starts at $39.99

3-Month Beer Of The Month Club Membership

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Beer newbies and long-time aficionados alike will be thrilled with each month’s package of 3 unique beers accompanied by detailed tasting notes, pairing recommendations and a recipe. Visit here to find out more. 3-Month membership starts at $88+tax.

A Bottle of Private Barrel Bourbon

You can’t buy them anywhere other than at Bottles, which means you really can get the bourbon-lover-who-has-everything something they’ve never had before. And you can do so without breaking the bank: our Private Barrel Selection starts at $34.99. Call or visit for current inventory. Maker’s Mark as shown, $74.99.

Tastings of Over 300 Whiskeys

Give them the ultimate gift – the gift of choice. Our sister bar The East End on Wickenden Street in Providence has over 300 whiskeys, all available by dram and pour. A gift certificate in any denomination you choose means they can select the bottles they want to taste – all paired to the restaurant’s award-winning cuisine. Call (401) 433-9770 or visit The East End online.

And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, come on in or give us a jingle and our team of passionate, in-the-know beer & spirits buyers will help you select the perfect, tasty gift.

The 46 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

I would know: I spent many afternoons and nights when I was in college at the best beer bar in Virginia (and perhaps, the world), Jack Brown&rsquos, trying out different craft brews and (more importantly) getting to know the woman who would become my wife.

As we bonded over bocks, barleywines, and brown ales, we developed a newfound appreciation for craft beers that paralleled our newfound appreciation for one another.

Beer helped us discover our love languages: words of affirmation (&ldquoDamn, that one&rsquos really hoppy&mdashin a good way!&rdquo), quality time (sipping slowly), acts of service (&ldquoHey, I ordered you a beer&rdquo), and physical touch (&ldquoI remembered to chill these pint glasses").

The fifth love language, receiving gifts, has been a great one for our relationship, and has made us both budding experts when it comes to all sorts of beer gifts, from personalized beer gifts that will make your friend or significant other laugh, to more expensive beer gifts for the craft connoisseur.

Now I won&rsquot lie to you: A simple Google search of &ldquobeer gifts&rdquo will turn up a lot of junk. So instead of wasting your precious time sifting through the endless tchotchkes, I&rsquove narrowed down a list of the best beer gifts for all budgets, occasions, and magnitude of beer-love.

This list is best enjoyed with a frosty brew by your side, so I&rsquoll give you a moment to scoot over to the fridge, crack open a cruiser, and come back to your device.

Cheers to you and cheers to whomever is the recipient of the following kickass beer gifts (and double cheers if you&rsquore shopping for yourself!)

Last-minute gifts for beer, wine and cocktail lovers

Christmas is fast-approaching. If you’re in full-on present panic, here are some quick gift go-tos that are sure to please the beer aficionado, oenophile or cocktail lover in your group.

Beer of the Month Club

Hook your friend up with a beer subscription for new brews each month. (Beer of the Month Club)

Get your friend out of their beer rut by letting the Beer of the Month Club pick the brews. There's a wide selection for every pint-discerning palate, like the Hop-Heads collection for the IPA lovers, or the Rare Beer collection for those who are a little more selective about their suds.

Subscriptions from $27.95 per month: Beer Month Club.

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit

Have your friend turn their kitchen into a brewery with these grain-based beer kits. (Brooklyn Brew Shop)

When the beer snobs in your life can’t decide which craft beer to get, let them make their own. Each all-grain kit makes a gallon of beer, and is designed to be used on a regular kitchen stove. Pick up the popular Everyday IPA for a pleasingly well-balanced and citrusy drink.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Rosé Cans

The ultimate stocking stuffer for the wine drinker in your life. (Infinite Monkey Theorem)

Stockings are better when they’re stuffed with wine. Infinite Monkey Theorem’s canned rosé delivers the fruity sweetness expected of the trendy pink-hued wine, but in a portable can that pairs well with a cheesy Christmas breakfasts and Instagram selfies.

ONEHOPE California Brut Sparkling Wine Gold Shimmer Edition

This light-bodied bubbly is crisp and refreshing. But it’s the glittery golden bottle that makes it the perfect gift at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. If the disco ball-esque bottle isn’t enough to put you in a merry spirit, the fact that every bottle sold provides five meals for children in need should.

21 Beer Gift Baskets (The HOLY GRAIL of Beer Gifts)

Support a friend or family member’s love of beer by giving them one of these cool gift baskets! Not only do they include items that you would expect, such as bottles of beer and tasty snacks, many of these baskets also contain fun items, like beer soap, beer barbeque sauce, beer candy, and more!