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Donuts in sauce

Donuts in sauce

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Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


First we wash and cut the donut into suitable pieces. We put the ham on the fire and we put all the ingredients and let it boil. Then we put enough donut to be covered and let it boil in 2 boils and then we take them out with a foamer. We proceed in the same way until we finish the donut. We fill the washed and dried jars with donut, which has been left to cool a bit. We fill the jars and then we pour the sauce over them, taking care to remove the air from the jars and bay leaves, Cover the jars well and put them in the oven, oven that has been heated well, let them cool and then store them in the pantry or cellar .....

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be careful not to leave donut seeds, they can ferment.

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