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Coca-Cola Makes Coke Bottles Out of Ice

Coca-Cola Makes Coke Bottles Out of Ice

The new ice Coke bottles seem cool, but there are problems of wastefulness and hygiene

Coke is now served one step further than "on the rocks"

Ice-cold beverage has taken on a whole new meaning.

Just in time for summer, Coca-Cola recently released bottles made entirely out of ice in Columbia. In a commercial, the Coke is shown served with a ring that collapses around the bottle to protect hands from the cold.

Though better for the environment than plastic bottles, the ice bottles, or “Botella de Hielo” as they are known in Columbia, are making people ask whether they’re wasteful. Because water is a precious resource, with nearly one billion people worldwide without access to it, many wonder if ice bottles are a bit wasteful. Among other concerns are the extra energy that comes with shipping ice, as refrigeration is a high expense, and. cleanliness, asice can absorb dirt and germs from drinkers’ hands, melting inward into the Coke.

Though these “cool” bottles may be a nice way to enjoy a Coke on a hot day, perhaps a few ice cubes in a reusable cup might be better for all.

Coca-Cola releases bottle made of ice

Coca-Cola has unveiled a unique drink that is perfect for a hot summer's day - a bottle made of ice.

The limited-edition container, created in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather Bogota, is shaped liked a regular Coke bottle and has the drinks giant's name etched into the ice.

However, so customers aren't left with cold hands, it comes with a red rubber band that slips around the bottle, which can be worn as a bracelt after the ice melts.

Coca-Cola makes the ice bottles by pouring water into a silicone mould, freezing them at -13 degrees Farenheit and then filling the mould with Coke.

The ice bottles are currently only available in Colombia, but are proving very popular - vendors are selling around 265 an hour.

Ogilvy & Mather has been involved in several innovative marketing campaigns recently, including the urban IBM adverts that double as a bench and a rain shelter.

Coca-Cola revealed in April that profits in the first three months of the year fell 15pc to $1.75bn (£1.14bn). Sales in Latin America grew 4pc, with volumes outpacing Europe.

Earlier this year month the company revealed it would be rolling out its personalised bottles to include everyone. The Share a Coke campaign will travel the country offering an on-site printing service that will allow you to have your name put on the bottle.

Coca-Cola’s New Bottle Is Made of Ice

Good news for those of you who enjoy a nice cold Coke: the company has rolled out a new bottle made entirely from frozen water. Bad news for those of you who don’t live in Colombia: It’s only available in Colombia.

This icy new drinking vessel is shaped like the traditional glass Coke bottle and has the company’s name etched into the ice, according to Coca Cola’s website. Alas, right now you can only find it in Colombia, and there’s no word yet if Coke will introduce it in any other countries. But apparently it’s pretty popular so far — according to the site, beachside vendors have sold an average of 265 bottles per hour.

If you’re at least a marginally curious person, then perhaps you’re wondering how this works. Basically, these bottles are made of silicone molds filled with micro-filtered water, frozen to -13° F. Once you’ve drunk all the Coke, the bottle melts away. Oh, and each bottles come equipped with a rubber red band to make it easier to hold the vessel. The band then doubles as a bracelet. Bonus!

Coke is touting the environmentally friendly nature of these melt-away bottles, but as ABC News points out, they require so much extra refrigeration that it basically cancels out the eco-friendly aspect.

Coca-Cola Is Releasing Plastic Bottles Made From 100% Recycled Materials This Year

The Coca-Cola Company announced today that it would be rolling out a new 13.2-ounce bottle for many of its drink brands in the United States made from 100 percent recycled plastic material.

The company described this size as "a more sippable package" which will also reduce the use of new plastic. They announced a timeline for the new bottles to hit shelves in the U.S., starting with Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite this month in select states in the Northeast, as well as Florida and California. Also hitting shelves this month in California, Texas, and New York will be 20-ounce Coke bottles made with the 100 percent recycled material. Reusable aluminum 18-ounce Smartwater bottles will also be rolling out in California and Florida.

You can see the full timeline of Coke's new bottle roll-out here, but the important thing to know is that 13.2-ounce bottles made from the 100-percent recycled material will be available nationwide across many more of the company's brands, including Fanta, by this summer. All Sprite bottles will also transition to clear packaging by the end of 2022. These changes are a part of the Coca-Cola Company's previous environmental pledges including to collect and recycle the equivalent of a bottle or can for every one the company sells by 2030, to make 100 percent of packaging recyclable by 2025, and to use 50 percent recycled material in bottles and cans by 2030.

&ldquoGiven our scale and resources, we realize our unique opportunity and clear responsibility to make a positive difference in the global plastic crisis, bringing us closer to our ambitious World Without Waste goals,&rdquo said Alpa Sutaria, vice president and general manager, Sustainability, North America Operating Unit, The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola Soda Bar and Easy Game Day Desserts

Today’s post is packed full of fun ideas to help make your big game party a huge hit! In our house, we are huge Coke fans so a Coca-Cola Soda Bar and Easy Game Day Desserts for everyone to enjoy is a must have at our “Home Bowl” festivities. We love creating flavored soda drinks in our house, there are so many possibilities and everyone loves coming up with new ideas.

Like I mentioned a couple weeks ago when I shared my RITZ Sloppy Joe Sliders I’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola and NABISCO to bring you some awesome game day ideas, recipes, and tips. Be sure you scroll to the bottom of this post when you’re done checking out my fun tips and recipes to see how you can win a Coca-Cola & NABISCO “Home Bowl” Prize Pack valued at $400!

What you need for a great Coca-Cola Soda Bar:

– Coca-Cola glass bottled soda
– Coca-Cola cans in your favorite flavor
– Flavored syrups – I used Cherry, Vanilla, Coconut, and Blackberry
– Syrup pumps for easy dispensing, I found mine HERE
– Ice
– Cherries
– Limes
– Lemons
– Mason jars
– Paper straws, I used Red and Black

Fill a cute container with your paper straws, you can also set a cute paper straw inside each mason jar that you set out so it’s easy to grab for your guests. I made simple labels for each of my syrup bottles to give them all a cohesive look for the design of my Soda Bar. Be sure to empty a small amount of syrup from each bottle before adding your pumps or it will overflow.

Some of our favorite soda combos are Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cherry-Vanilla Coke, Lime Coke, Blackberry Coke, and one of my personal favorites is a Coke Zero with Coconut syrup and fresh lime juice. It’s so good!

The Blackberry Coke is another new favorite, paired with a fresh squeeze of a lemon wedge it’s definitely one to try.

When you’re making your drinks you can instruct guests to fill their glasses with ice, add 3-4 pumps of the flavored syrups, pour ice-cold Coca-Cola in the glass, and garnish with the coordinating garnishes.

Everyone loves a vintage inspired glass Coca-Cola bottle, so be sure to have plenty on hand for all your guests to have at least one on game day.

I created a fun backdrop for my Soda Bar with a giant chalkboard. It’s the perfect way to give our guests some drink suggestions. You can use a chalkboard and decorate it however you’d like, add football inspired graphics, or fun banners.

Here’s another great idea. Appetizers and quick recipes are usually the most popular at any gathering, and all parties need some sweet treats as well as the savory appetizers. So I’m sharing two easy dessert ideas, first up is a Cherry-Vanilla Coke Float.

A frosty float is perfect since you already have the Soda Bar set up, all you need to add is ice cream! Everyone loves an ice cream float.


When it comes to dating straight side Coca-Cola bottles, all of which are from circa 1900 to 1920, the process is frequently more challenging, and the final determination often less certain. But first a few words about straight side Coke bottles. Prior to the advent of automatic bottle machines in the early 1900s, and before bottle-making technology allowed for the manufacture of contour shaped bottles, soft drink bottlers relied on cylinder shaped bottles made with straight sides in two-piece wooden molds. All of these were crown-top bottles.

Initially these straight sided bottles, which often display seed bubbles in the glass, were made with separate tops “applied” under heat by a glass maker, one bottle at a time. Straight side bottles made with applied tops often exhibit visible stretch marks, evidence that the top was joined as a separate unit to the neck in the process of “finishing” the bottle. Also, the two seam lines that run from base to neck on these early straight-sides do not extend to the top since that uppermost part of the bottle was made and applied separately.

As bottle-makers improved their manufacturing processes, they soon learned to make complete bottles by machine, eliminating the need for applying the top of each bottle separately and by hand. Soon early automatic bottle machines were producing finished bottles much more rapidly, and these bottles may be distinguished from ones with applied tops by noticing that two mold lines run straight up the side of the bottle to the top of the lip.

As for dating straight side Coca-Cola bottles, lack of uniformity in bottle production throughout this era prevents consistent accuracy. In some cases, Coke straight-sides have date marks on the heel similar to those found on many contour Cokes from 1916 to 1938, as described above. Among the 42 straight side Coke bottles in my collection, 13 have date marks on the heel. In the absence of such markings, however, collectors are generally left to speculate as to a manufacture date with little reliable evidence to go on.

Some say the location of the name “Coca-Cola” in script on the bottle side is significant. Others rely somewhat on whether the top was applied by hand or machine. Yet by some reports, at least one bottle manufacturer, Laurens Glass Works of Laurens, SC, was still producing Coke bottles with hand-applied tops as late as 1919, long after others were making their bottles entirely by machine. Thus, many straight side Coca-Cola bottles cannot be dated with certainty, other than to say that they were all made between about 1900 and 1920.

Under pressure

The Paper Bottle Company, or Paboco, is the Danish firm behind development of the paper-based container.

Part of the challenge has been to create a structure capable of withstanding the forces exerted by fizzy drinks - such as cola and beer - which are bottled under pressure.

On top of that, the paper needs to be mouldable, to create distinct bottle shapes and sizes for different brands, and take ink for printing their labels.

After more than seven years of lab work, the firm is now ready to host a trial in Hungary this summer of Coca-Cola's fruit drink Adez. Initially, this will involve 2,000 bottles distributed via a local retail chain.

But it is also working with others.

Absolut, the vodka-maker, is due to test 2,000 paper bottles of it own in the UK and Sweden of its pre-mixed, carbonated raspberry drink.

And beer company Carlsberg is also building prototypes of a paper beer bottle.

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So what are your favorite Coca Cola Recipes?

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Well, AskMen decided to dig a little deeper and find out just why McDonald's Coke is the best Coke on tap from any fast food chain. The answer? McDonald's tries extremely hard to ensure that every single dispense of Coke is the perfect dispense. Here's how they do it.

1. To begin, it's all about that fizz. McDonald's Coke tastes fresher and crisper because of the temperature of the water. Hey, if you're going to splurge a bit and have a Coke, you might as well get the best carbonation factor you can find. The soda water is always between "33 to 38 degrees. McDonald's keeps it circulating through insulated tubing."

2. The chilly water combines with pre-chilled Coca-Cola syrup, whose amount is scientifically determined based on how much ice could melt in a drink over time.

3. McDonald's doesn't cheat the system, either. They use the prescribed syrup amount from the soda giant themselves.

4. Coke syrup is delivered in stainless steel containers versus the other method of plastic bags. The stainless steel works to preserve the integrity of the syrup without sacrificing taste.

5. McDonald's also installed some of the best water filtration systems on the market today for their soda fountain dispensers, saying, "In order to ensure our drinks are always meeting a gold standard, we have proper filtration methods in place."

Why This Coca-Cola Bottle Could Sell for Over $100,000

The empty container is over 100 years old and features the brand's now-iconic curvy silhouette.

Collecting old soda bottles might not sound as prestigious as collecting rare whiskey or fine wine — and frankly, it’ll probably never be as valuable — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any money whatsoever to be made in the non-alcoholic bottle game: A likely one-of-a-kind Coca-Cola bottle is expected to sell at auction later this month for as much as $150,000.

The bottle, which is currently up for bid on the site Morphy Auctions, features a 700-word description that beats out the length of most obituaries. (Not to say that your life is any less exciting than the history of a Coca-Cola bottle.) “This is the only known bottle of its type that has surfaced completely intact,” explains the auction house. �vanced bottle collectors we have consulted consider it to be extremely rare and important.”

So what’s so important about an empty bottle? According to Morphy, in 1915, Coca-Cola devised a plan to come up with an iconic bottle design fitting its brand. Eight different glass houses submitted prototypes, but a design from Earl R. Dean at the Root Glass Company won out. However, Cola-Cola realized 𠇊lterations would have to be made on the lower and middle diameters of the bottle in order to make it more practical and so it would fit in the modern bottling machinery.” As a result, this particular bottle, billed as a 𠇌oca-Cola Root Glass Co. Modified Prototype Bottle,” appears to be one of the altered prototypes that were considered between the initial selection of the Dean’s design and “the familiar design known to collectors and consumers today.”

As such, bottle expert Bill Porter told Morphy that this auction features a “missing link” in the history of Coca-Cola’s bottle design. Part of what makes it so rare is that Coca-Cola ordered all the bottles produced as part of this confidential testing to be destroyed, and the vast majority of them were. “It is therefore believed that this Atlanta bottle is the only known example or model of the 1915 test bottle,” the auction house states. Meanwhile, only two versions of the prototype before this one are known to exist, with one selling at auction in 2011 for $240,000.

Watch the video: Cola+Fanta+Sprite+Apfelschorle+Eiswürfel+Eis=Geiles Getränk Im MecesHD (January 2022).