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Gooseberry jam

Gooseberry jam

Harvest the gooseberries after the dew has risen, wash and remove the stalks and stalks.

With a toothpick, prick each fruit at the ends, add water and put it in the fridge for the 2nd day.

Strain, and in the liquid formed add the cherry twig and sugar, put on the fire for 20 minutes. Set aside and leave to cool, when the liquid has cooled enough (rainwater) add the fruit put on the fire and leave it to boil, set aside until the 2nd day covered with a gauze.

On the 2nd day, strain it and put the formed syrup on the fire and leave it until we get a well-bound syrup, add the lemon juice and the fruits, wait for it to boil and set it aside until the 2nd day, when we put it on let it boil again and fill the washed and sterilized jars.