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Salted damselfish

Salted damselfish

Salted damselfish recipe of 26-02-2019

The salted damselfish they are delicious pancakes with a racy heart, easy to make and absolutely perfect for the carnival period. After trying the classic version, baked, with ricotta and even stuffed, I only needed the savory one, don't you think? As you know, I am always looking for innovative ideas, and I often like variations of traditional recipes. A couple of years ago, I was happy with the salty chat recipe, so I thought ... why not try the salty version of castagnole? In short, if I have intrigued you and you decide to try my recipe, then let me know what you think ;-)


How to make salted damselfish

Mix the dry ingredients (flour, yeast, salt and Parmesan) together, then add the butter into chunks and the egg lightly beaten with the milk.
Knead until you get a compact and homogeneous dough.

Shape the dough into small and long sausages and cut them into chunks.
Place a cube of scamorza cheese in the center of each piece, close the dough on the cheese and thus form your balls.

Once all the damselfish are ready (they will come out between 20 and 30, depending on the size), start frying them a few at a time in already hot seed oil, turning them to brown evenly.

As they are ready, drain the damselfish and let them dry on absorbent paper.

Your salted damselfish, with a racy heart, are ready: serve them immediately!

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