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Salmon In Crust

Salmon In Crust

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Salmon Crusted Recipe of 22-02-2017 [Updated on 15-11-2017]

Crusted salmon is a very rich second course, especially in taste! A courgette, a roll of puff pastry and some tender salmon fillet they will save you from sudden guests or a monotonous dinner.
Usually this is a preparation that is made during the Christmas holidays, I changed the cover vegetable (usually made with spinach or chard) with something fresher, such as courgette which, to my taste, is much more appropriate. like flavor;)
This salmon in puff pastry crust it was also appreciated by Ivano so you will understand why my enthusiasm this morning in offering you this recipe;) Follow the recipe step by step and it will be very simple and delicious for you to bring this fish to the table in a decidedly different way. Good day to those who pass by here; *


How to make crusted salmon

Wash the courgette and grate it with a grater with large holes. Collect the vegetables in a bowl, then add salt and pepper. Drain the zucchini to eliminate the vegetation water.

Take the salmon fillets and remove the skin.

Roll out the puff pastry roll and place half of the cut courgette in the center.
Place the salmon on top and cover with the remaining courgette.

Close the puff pastry on itself on both sides.
Brush with milk, then decorate the surface with strips of leftover dough and sesame seeds.
Bake at 200 ° C in a preheated oven for 20/25 minutes.

Your crusted salmon is ready to be brought to the table.

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