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Bread with surplus of sourdough

Bread with surplus of sourdough

Recipe Bread with surplus of sourdough of 26-12-2014 [Updated on 05-12-2015]

Hello friends and friends, I hope you spent a happy Christmas and that you are not tired of cooking yet because I have a recipe for you, a new bread made with the surplus of sourdough. After having refreshed my sourdough for 3 consecutive times to be able to make panettone, I didn't know how to consume the surplus part, the unrefreshed one and so I searched online for a recipe to dispose of it. So I stumbled upon this recipe and so I made an excellent bread with the surplus of sourdough, which was divine and with only 6 hours of leavening. If you too have redundancies to dispose of, this recipe could do for you, I found it excellent and I think I will use it often;) I wish you a good Saint Stephen and we will read you tomorrow


How to make bread with surplus sourdough

Break up the yeast and put it in a bowl with water

Work until you get a nice froth, add the sugar

Gradually add the flour and knead for 5 minutes and finally the salt.

Knead another 5 minutes

Transfer the dough to a bowl sprinkled with a drizzle of oil and let it rise for 3 hours

Transfer the dough to a floured pastry board

Make the 3 folds

Let it rise again for at least an hour (it depends on the room temperature: the dough must double in volume).

Then bake at 240 ° in a preheated oven for the first 20 minutes and at 200 for the other 20 minutes. Once ready, let the bread cool on a wire rack

Then cut into slices and serve

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