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Crepes with asparagus

Crepes with asparagus

Asparagus Crepes Recipe by of 02-06-2019

The crêpes with asparagus they are a vegetarian recipe but full of flavor thanks to the unusual combination of asparagus and gorgonzola that really surprised and delighted me. Crêpes, as you know, are among my passions, both sweet and savory, but I still lacked the asparagus version. Anyway I must say that I liked them so much that I know that I will do them again as soon as possible;)


How to make asparagus crêpes

Put the flour and salt in a bowl, start adding the milk slowly, stirring.
Then add the oil and eggs as well. And work until you get a very fluid batter.

Melt a little butter in a non-stick pan and start cooking the crêpes, one ladle at a time, swirling the pan to spread it out.
When the sides begin to thicken and peel off, flip the crepe to cook the second side as well.
Continue like this until all the batter is used up.

As they are ready, stack the crêpes on a plate.

Clean the asparagus, leave the tips whole, cut the stems into small pieces, cook them in a pan with salt, oil and a little water, with a lid, until they are soft (about ten minutes).

Combine the béchamel, chopped gorgonzola and slightly warmed asparagus in a bowl and mix gently.

Stuff the crêpes and fold them into a wallet (half-moon and then in half again).
The asparagus crepês are ready to be served.

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