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Vegetable tartare

Vegetable tartare

Vegetable Tartare Recipe of 12-01-2018 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

The vegetable tartare is a quick recipe for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. After my version of the salmon and mango tartare here is this one of raw vegetables, flavored with ginger, lemon and wholemeal bread. Easy, fresh and colorful, you can think of preparing it even if you have guests at the last minute, you will make a great impression despite its simplicity.
The key ingredient for this recipe is avocado, which must be well ripe and will act as a binder for all the other ingredients, giving the dish a truly extraordinary taste: P.


How to make vegetable tartare

Clean the fennel (keeping aside some green sprouts), carrot and celery and cut them into chunks.
Divide the avocado in half and remove the stone. Remove the peel and cut one half into chunks.

Transfer everything to a bowl with the fennel sprouts and lemon juice, then mix.

In a blender, blend the other half of avocado together with a little oil, salt, pepper and ginger.

Cut the slice of bread into cubes and add it to the vegetables along with the avocado cream.

Place a pastry cutter about 10 cm in the center of a plate and fill it with the preparation.
Remove the ring just before serving.

Your vegetable tartare is ready.

Video: Cooking - How to make a vegetable tartare (October 2020).