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Mimosa cupcake

Mimosa cupcake

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Mimosa cupcake recipe of 04-03-2013 [Updated on 04-03-2019]

Happy Monday everyone, on this sunny day i Mimosa cupcake they fall perfectly, they make a lot of spring and just looking at them put me in a good mood. Mimosa cupcakes are a hybrid between a muffin, a cupcakes and the classic mimosa cake and in addition to being cute they are really excellent, if you usually celebrate Women's Day with just a symbol, this could be a very nice idea to give maybe to your friends or work colleagues;) Well friends, Elisa is better and yesterday to recharge her batteries, we spent a beautiful day at the beach, the puppy had a lot of fun playing with the sand and wetting her feet in the water, it's a blast! Now I greet you and I try to organize my working day by pretending that around me there is no chaos, dust and disorder, kisses; *


How to make mimosa cupcakes

Put the softened butter in a bowl and work it with the sugar until you get a cream. Add the eggs and the grated lemon peel while continuing to mix

Add the flour and yeast to the dough, the milk and knead until a homogeneous mixture is obtained

Pour the mixture into buttered and floured cups

Bake at 180 degrees and bake for 15/20 minutes

Prepare the filling by mixing half of the whipped cream with the pineapple

Let the cupcakes cool then cut off the top dome and set aside
Then empty the center of the sweet and put the crumbs aside

Fill the cupcakes with the cream

Cover with caps

Cover with whipped cream

Decorate the cupcakes by crumbling the cupcake crumbs on their surface

Garnish the mimosa cupcakes and serve

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