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Seafood Tagliatelle

Seafood Tagliatelle

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Recipe Tagliatelle with seafood from of 10-08-2007 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

Pasta with seafood is a fresh and summer first course, everyone prepares it in a different way, at my house we prefer to make it with egg tagliatelle, as well as with classic spaghetti.
Fish first courses are my passion: every time they can be cooked in a different way, and with different ingredients. This time here is the recipe for seafood tagliatelle, a specialty of my grandmother ... the sauce is made with squid and octopus, with the addition of lupins.


How to make Tagliatelle with seafood

Fry, in a very large pan and with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, a clove of crushed garlic and a red pepper. Once golden, lift the garlic and add the baby octopus and squid cut into rings.

When almost cooked, add a dozen cherry tomatoes, season with salt and pepper.

Reduce the sauce and finally add the lupins.

Cover with a lid and wait for the shells to open.

Cook the tagliatelle in abundant salted water, drain when al dente and toss everything in the seafood sauce.

Serve the seafood tagliatelle with a sprinkle of pepper and fresh parsley on each plate.

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