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The s'mores is a typical American dessert that is usually prepared during barbecues, it is chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits, it is the scout's sweet and it is impossible that you have not seen it at least once in some show. Of this version of s'mores there was a video from which I was inspired to prepare mine, here are the doses that I used and the times. My day in Milan is coming to an end, today I carve out some time and I took a tour of the center, I bought a gift for Elisa, I had a taste of Milanese street food and I was also able to frame a greeting on the fly to a childhood friend of mine. Back home tonight loaded with lots of new ideas to reflect on regarding work and with the joy of having spent some time with old friends. I leave you at the recipe and I go to take the train that takes me back to my little girl. Kisses


How to make S'mores

Put the chocolate drops in an ovenproof dish.

Cover with marshmallows and bake at 220 ° in a preheated oven for 5 minutes.

Then set the grill for a minute until you get a golden crust on the surface of the cake. Serve hot accompanying the s'mores with digestive biscuits.

Video: FLAMING MARSHMALLOWS with The Amazing SMORES MAKER! (July 2022).


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