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Snail in MMF

Snail in MMF

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Procedure for making a snail in MMF

We make a small cylinder about 15 cm thicker towards the beginning and thinner towards the end.

We roll the thin part into a cylinder forming a snail.

With a piece of dough we form a tail that we are going to attach under the snail.

Now form another cylinder to form the snail's neck and a slightly flattened ball to form the third being careful of the proportions.

We attach the cylinder with a little water to the end of the shell and attach the head to the neck obtained by brushing the snail both on the neck and on the shell with a little water.

Now let's form a bow that we are going to place on the head Let's form 2 balls for the eyes and a strip for the mouth that we are going to attach on the head.

Place the MMF snail on a piece of green pasta that will act as a lawn by making the grass with the teeth of a fork
And decorate with small roses.

Isn't it delicious? ; P

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