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Ziti lardiati

Ziti lardiati

The ziti lardiati are an ancient dish linked to the Neapolitan peasant tradition. This tasty recipe was made with the classics Neapolitan ziti, and brought to the table in the coldest periods of the year. Given the presence of lard, which in the past was never thrown away (when we say "nothing is thrown away from the pig"), it became a hearty dish.
It goes without saying that they are very tasty but not too light, so not to be allowed every day;)
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I leave you with today's recipe and I'm going to relax the slides, kisses: *


How to make ziti lardiati

Cut the onion and lard into very small pieces.
Do the same with the cleaned cherry tomatoes.

Brown the garlic in a pan and then add the onion and lard.
Cook slowly for 10 minutes, completely melting the lard.

At this point add the cherry tomatoes and a pinch of salt, then mix.
Cook for 10 minutes, lift the garlic and add the basil.

After cooking and draining the pasta al dente in salted water, add it to the pan with the pecorino.
Sauté it, mixing it with the sauce.

Your ziti lardiati are ready to be brought to the table with more basil.

Video: Video ricetta ziti lardiati seconda parte (January 2022).